Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?

Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?

You might have recently finished an associates program because it was “the cheapest option”. Now you have been seeking jobs for some time and it finally hits you: your degree is completely worthless!
Speaking as someone that decided to do just that , my six months of searching for jobs have yielded only high school level positions with nothing paying more than 30,000 / year (in f$%^ing business for god’s sake).
And here we were thinking that maybe that filthy college degree that you finished while working full-time would be worth more than a high school diploma. Well you were wrong! – as was I.
The associates is actually completely overlooked by hiring managers that post jobs looking for someone with “a college degree”. The general idea is that associate level courses are easy and anything important is entirely overlooked.
As an example, I recently applied for [censored]. I went to an interview totally dressed professionally, with my perfectly written resume in hand. The job posting was for an “MIT” position or in other words the most entry-level management shit you can get in retail (slightly above a shift supervisor which you don’t even need a high school degree for). My interview went really well (honestly I’m not even f%^&*ing lying, it went awesome). My previous experiences (however odd they might fu$%^ing be) totally would somehow help me in this new position….somehow.
Well, one week later I finally got a call back from the company. I was honestly excited, I thought my 6 month long job hunt for something in my area of expertise was finally falling into my hands. My excitement was quickly shattered to tiny little motherfu^&*ing fragments when I was told that I would be given a job as a cheese-clerk for 9.50$/ hour. I asked them what in the sweet hell they were talking about, and they told me that the MIT position was taken by someone with more experience (seriously what the actual f%^&*… this is an ENTRY LEVEL POSITION) and higher education (at about 35,000/year salaried). I asked them if I could at least be moved to a department lead (make 14$/hour full-time and try to move up) and they quickly barked that this position too was taken by someone “more experienced”. Ironically, this store won’t be opened until fall 2015 (October-ish) and all these positions are full. The bigger paradox is how can anyone get an entry-level position if they need experience????

Nevertheless, the largest blow is the college education. My previous bosses (during my highschool retail job) did not even have college degrees. A store manager does not need a degree at all, but someone with a 2-year degree can’t even get a supervisor-level position? Last I recall, my former supervisors didn’t even finish highschool -_-…
So is your luck about the same? Has the 2-year “quick track” degree been completely devalued? At least you can use yours as toilet paper ;)
Or just take a moment to use all of your credits form all your 50 course with A+’s and use them towards getting your bachelor and above. When I get one, I’ll write another blog post whining about how I can’t even get a retail associate position with a bachelors in business ;(
Just do the world a favor , take mine and shove it up your ass.

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