French intervention in Mali

French intervention in Mali is immanent!

French eurofighters brace up for strategic bombardment of enemy positions French Eurofighter Jets brace up for strategic bombardment of enemy positions

The first ever socialist president of France ,Francois Hollande, was backed by popular opinion in his crusade against Islamic insurgents in Mali. Over two thirds of the country has taken a firm stance against international terrorism, and the dissent into anarchy on the former French colony will not be tolerated by the international community.

Ironically, the French were the only nation that by popular vote decided not to intervene in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. French diplomatic ministers stated:
As with any other country that is overrun by militaristic extremists, the people will suffer severe oppression. Once the country is fully under insurgent control, the leaders will begin to look "onwards". This would directly threaten our (France) interests in neighboring Niger , which is rich in Uranium. As history has shown so well, there will be a domino effect, if the cause of this effect is not silenced before it has time to spread like a plague , it cannot infect and cripple the surrounding area. (sic) The parasites must be crushed before they spread out of control, as we have seen in the middle east.

Under these notable circumstances, the French will now begin to mobilize for full on blitzkrieg through the insurgent strongholds. We wish them luck in toppling these insurgent strongholds, and we will continue to report on this struggle as it progresses.

French intervention in Mali is going splendid. After only one day of bombardment and pushing, the French have secured a rather large portion of mali, and have contained a majority of the extremists found in the "now occupied" sections of Mali. We see that if it had not been for the French, there might have been far more bloodshed and loss occurring within the next couple of months.
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