A simple solution to gun control

Gun Control Gun Control

Gun Control: How about this ladies and gentlemen, how about before one purchases a firearm, they have to pay for a background check (59$ US -gangbangers will have less weapons and ammo-)? Let's also have something like a "renewal fee" this would be a 59$ fee at the end of the year for a 30 minute talk with a psychiatrist, just to assess if the person is dangerous. Furthermore people with birth defects of the mind such as depression, autism and bipolar disorder should never be issued firearms in the first place ( a background check should reveal the presence of these diagnosis and automatically disqualify the applicant from being allowed to purchase a gun? Households with known "diagnosed" will be rejected the right to have a firearm issued unless there is evidence that the person stated as "undesirably/diagnosed" is either

A) Sent to  treatment center for the duration of their existence

B) Deceased

C) No longer living or visiting the applicant

Upon discovery of a condition which could render a person careless with the said firearm, all family members must submit all firearms to the local police station, state police or participating government "authority bodies". Failure to do so will result in :

1) Forced seizure of weapons, and anything else deemed "weaponizable" ie swords, crossbows etc.

2) A massive fine

3) Jail Time

4) A combination of all 3

Yes, it's all that simple!


What are we doing instead of implementing these basic things?


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