The Dental Procedure That Can Kill You

The Dental Procedure That Can Kill You

The longtime fear of most children might come to realization. That’s right, getting your teeth drilled can actually be deadly! There is a positive correlation associated by the common procedure known as a “root canal” and the onset of various diseases including cancer.
Scientific data backed by prominent professor Weston Price (PHD) indicated that (after six years of clinical trials on humans), there is no safe way to perform a root canal. Dr. Weston Price concluded that through killing the nerve which connects the tooth to the gum and simultaneously destroying the blood vessels which root into the tooth (like tree roots) , the body has no ability to combat any bacteria which may find haven between the dead tooth and the nutrient-rich gums. In essence, by performing a root canal, the person is subjecting their body to a host of bacteria which can feed on proteins, carbohydrates and lipids both consumed and produced by the host. This can lead to the severe spread of bacteria which can then enter the human body through the unprotected oral cavity or directly through the gum (as they can grow slightly resistant to antibodies over long periods of time).
Studies conducted by Weston Price linked these bacterial infestations to conditions including heart disease, obesity, stomach ulcers and dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease).
What Exactly Is A Root Canal?

Root Canal FigureA root canal is a procedure following the decay of a tooth to the nerve. The procedure involves the destruction of the nerve and the installing of small metal rods into the tooth and the gums below. In essence, it involves the synthetic recreation of the function of the nerve. Very often, dentists opt to remove the vessels to reduce the chances of complications. However, as Dr. Weston Price observed, the destruction of the vessels is an invitation to a life of long-term suffering and various chronic and deadly conditions.
In 1958, Dr. Thomas Rau did a study using Weston’s principles. Dr. Rau theorized that there is a link between breast cancer and root canals. Dr. Thomas Rau initially took in 150 subjects affected by breast cancer. Rau later noted that 147 of these subjects had root canals performed and root canalled teeth were present in the subjects’ mouths. Although some research in modern times indicates that breast cancer can be genetically inclined and therefore predispose the subject to this conditions, Rau concluded that root canals might just be the trigger (which would lead some to believe that bacterial infections might trigger cancer in more serious forms such as leukemia).
Rau’s findings, shockingly, never came into acceptance and were ultimately suppressed by the ADA and other dental governing associations (both domestic and foreign) -- as were the findings of Dr. Weston.
How can root canals cause cancer?; and worst of all are they the culprit behind cancer regression (the return of cancer following theoretic extermination)?
A stout believer in Weston’s theories came in the form of Dr. George E. Meinig’s 1950’s famous novel “Root Canal Coverup”, the issue is looked at from a simple perspective. When the dead tooth becomes a breeding ground for dangerous and lethal bacteria, byproducts and actual bacteria are constantly entering the host’s system. Meinig notes that this alone can be the culprit behind conditions like type I diabetes (as a trigger and contributor). Over time, states Meinig, the presence of the bacteria weakens the immune system due to constant and unceasing bacterial infiltrations. A weakened immune system will, obviously, be less capable of fighting off intrusions (both internal and external as noted by Meinig). Although this might not be apparent to the victim, there might be an onset of several infections around the gum line with no apparent cause. Most, however, will either come in the form of slight pain or will remain symptomless.
The Immune System And Cancer
Morski RakAs outlined in a study by the American Cancer Association, the human body produces anywhere from 4 to 500 carcinogenetic cells every day (cancer causing), however, these are suppressed by immuniglobin antibodies (which are the white blood cells of the immune system). When antibodies are weakened severely (like in the example of the root canal), they are less capable of fighting penetrating infections (viral and bacterial) as well as the body’s own cancer cells. The result can be a “negligence” of the immune system of one or more cancer cells and consequently the initial stage of cancer (which will certainly lead to a quick spread). In conjunction to this, during treatment of cancer (conventional chemotherapy), the immune system is further weakened and practically destroyed. As a result, bacterial infection can prove to be deadly or otherwise can destroy the immune system even further. This can result in a “false positive” detection of no cancer cells in the host’s body.
Going further, the inability of antibodies to clump to cancer cells that remain will make it practically impossible for traditional methods of detecting cancer to work (placing carbohydrates in the blood etc). This will likely result in the resurgence of previously (partly) destroyed cancer cells as well as those neglected during the treatment. The increased stress on the now weakened immune system by various powerful bacteria can easily overwhelm the human body and cause the victim to exhibit severe bacterial infections (much like a patient infected with the AIDS virus) in conjunction to the regression of cancer to more and more severe stages.
Continuing Towards The Future
Although cancer might be one of the most severe consequences of a root canal, thousands of other issues including severe weight gain, uncontrollable appetitive, type I and II diabetes , hair loss, erectile dysfunction and even some mental issues (including those stated above).
Some others can include:
• Additional Cavities
• Severe Gingivitis
• Throat Infections
• Lung Infections
• Stomach Ulcers
• Brain Damage
• Infected Sinus
• Joint Pain And Arthritis
• Dementia
There are thousands of other symptoms and diagnosis that can be traced to severe bacterial activity.
Going Further
What can be suggested? Because this information is largely suppressed due to the profitability of the procedure, it is good to note that the safest way to prevent further damage is by removing the canalled tooth (but no dentist will tell you this). Echoing the words of Dr. Weston that, indeed, “there is no safe way to perform a root canal”; it is the safest to conclude that undoing it may solve the problems before they ever start. The area of the canal should then be surgically disinfected and cleansed (as the infections might have already spread deeper into the jaw). An alternative might be custom dentures with ample spacing; however please bear in mind that dentures are kept in antibacterial solutions overnight for a reason.
Research has also indicated that some conditions caused by root canals have been fully reversed after the removal of the affected tooth. Although these findings are not solid, they present an interesting idea as far as why some people contract diseases (including cancer) while leading healthy lifestyles and not having genetic disposition to such conditions.Dentures

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