The Conversion Of Body Fat To Muscle

The Conversion Of Body Fat To Muscle

How the f*** can you go from gaining weight to making muscle? Is all the hype around “converting fat to muscle” even possible?

Muscle itself is a tissue type that constantly feeds on and absorbs calories (whether you are working out or not). While fat simply stores energy until the body is desperate enough to begin eating from these “reserves”.
So is there a transition possible in which the fat energy can be absorbed by muscles to produce muscle while shrinking the fat cells (giving you a sculpted physique)?

If you have ever seen a professional weight lifter, you might be very surprised that this is not an easy task (as the fat on a weight lifter is very obviously overgrown above their muscle). Coexistence seems almost completely and utterly impossible based on the appearance of these individuals. So how the f*** can someone with a bit of extra luggage turn into a hunk?

The secret, according to some reliable resources, can actually be found in Human Growth hormones or HGH.
HGH is responsible for the active production of muscle mass meaning that an increase in HGH within the human body will also positively correlate with an increase in muscle mass.
When muscle mass hits a high critical point, your body will begin needing more calories to stay “full” and “functioning”. Therefore (let’s say) if you consume 4000 calories a day to gain muscle , and you have 50lbs of fat on you (stomach and buttock) and you exercise your upper body to burn 3,800 of those calories. Or even 3,500 (lower limit) , with a 300% increase in HGH , your calories burned would be somewhere near 4500 meaning your body would run on a deficit of -500 per day (as the HGH would produce more power-hungry muscle mass).

This -500 would be extremely dangerous to the average individual; and it would begin to trigger the body’s natural starvation responses. Or in other words the body will go into starvation mode and begin eating its own fat cells (spending the stored energy). And the best part is that this will probably occur while you sleep.

Of course , nothing would replace a healthy diet and low alcohol , sugar and synthetic sweetener intake ; but an increase to HGH and muscle mass (rather than the concentrated muscle and fat combine on some weight lifters) would surely help any individual get rid of that annoying excess fat that accumulates over the lean , toned muscle. And no gym fanatic would ever want to see fat on their sculpted body; would they?
Check out an all-natural HGH stimulator here; it might help you. Also read: HGH and Lean Muscle Building.

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