Why is building muscle so hard?

Building muscles is something man has struggled to do since ancient times. Men as far back as ancient Babylon have wanted larger muscles with less effort. Although muscles are super appealing, and every man should have a ripped chest and six pack abs, it is absurd to believe that such things can be acquired in our daily , busy lifestyles.

If you are like me, going to the gym might be tedious, at best. In fact, you might not even have the bloody time or willpower to go to the gym.

Now this doesn't mean that you won't be "fit" if you eat right,and exercise every now and then. The problem comes with trying to actually maintain a tone, and building off that tone.

Do you want these types of resultsDo you want these types of results? 

Tone is what women want, and it's what men on television in those soap operas have, it's attractive, and everyone wants it! But, as stated before, saying you want something is usually illogical if you have school, maybe a job, maybe even children to deal with. You cant even imagine how little time most of us have to gym it out, and the shame of going there the first couple of days might be unbearable.

Now, what we can help you do is get up to speed and fast. For example, lets say you have two hours in one sitting, and you decide to use those to go to the gym. Normally, people will never be able to go nonstop lifting and exercising, this is due to muscle fatigue.

Also, even if you do get the manpower to do it for two hour in one sitting, you would have to do the same thing every day (two hours) to see results. This is mainly because muscles, much like your brain, build tolerance to stress. If they don't hit that tolerance every day, they begin to sizzle, and you lose tone. Usually the unfortunate part here is , where muscle once was, you will simply have skin flaps , or it will fill with fat. This will make you look fat, regardless of how muscular you are (have you ever looked at a weight lifter's stomach at a hospital, it's not pretty).

Now is there a solution to all of the above concerns , from the lack of time to muscular deterioration due to tolerance?

Well, there actually is! It's called human muscle growth hormones. This is not a steroid, nor is it some sort of carcinogenic matter. It indeed gentlemen is like animal growth hormone, it helps you grow bigger, faster and with minimum exercise (although you should still try to get some in).

Generally this is a product designed for men 21+ that want results , including increase in energy, stamina (sexual as well), and less fat with leaner muscles, which won' deteriorate if you skip a day at the gym.

I of course am talking about the FDA approved human muscle hormone grower called HyperGH 14x! This stuff is specifically designed to naturally decrease fat and replace it with muscle through encouraging quick muscular recovery (alleviating fatigue) and increasing growth rates hundreds of percents over.

If you are like me gentlemen, I would implore you to read on by clicking the image below :) Good luck!

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